Is Cisco CCNA Certification Worth Your Time And Effort?

As you know certifications are a great way to exhibit your skills and demonstrate to employers you have what it takes to be an excellent employee.

What’s more, it indicates that you have the ability to work smarter and more efficiently.

Meanwhile, the Cisco CCNA certification is a highly respected qualification that has been going strong for over two decades. The question most specialists ask themselves is if this accreditation is worth it? Is it still relevant in today’s changing IT landscape? This article looks at why it is definitely worth it and how it could become the turning point in your professional path.


What Is The Cisco CCNA Certification?

You should know that the Cisco CCNA is a prestigious certification that is suitable for beginners and new entrants aspiring to join the IT industry. It was recently retooled by Cisco to update a range of different topics and add the latest technological advancements. As a result, individuals that obtain this qualification will be geared to face the highly competitive IT industry as it confirms their confident knowledge concerning many topics including network basics, IP services, IP connectivity, network access, security basics, alongside automation and programmability.


Why Should I Get The CCNA Certification?

The Cisco CCNA designation is currently one of the most in-demand certifications. What makes it unique is that it forms a good foundation for enthusiasts to pursue any sector of IT. So, certified individuals can join any company confidently and excel in their careers because of their comprehensive training. As it is a widely known and accepted qualification around the globe, employers instantly recognize it for its impressive reputation.

Furthermore, Cisco offers a digital certificate that can be shared among social networks which can come in handy for your LinkedIn profile.

Another key advantage of the CCNA certification is that there are plenty of study resources, training materials, and books available online to prepare for the relevant accreditation exam. This makes this accreditation journey more easy and convenient.

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Can I Get A Job After Gaining The Certification?

The chances of landing your first job role are significantly higher with the CCNA certification. Top companies are constantly seeking certified specialists to join their companies. So, typical positions for the CCNA certified individuals include network engineer, security engineer, systems engineer, IT support specialist, network analyst, and IT administrator.


How Much Will I Be Earning After Becoming Qualified?

No doubt, the Cisco CCNA certificate increases your earning potential. In more detail, CCNA certified specialists make an average of 84,376 USD per year according to a study conducted by ZipRecruiter. What’s more, salaries could go as high as 139,500 USD per year depending on various external factors such as level of experience, type of organization, attitude, and other personal factors.



In summary, the Cisco CCNA certificate is absolutely worth your time and effort. Especially now when the rapid increase in technology has created a massive shortage of skilled employees. Therefore, the future of certified specialists seems very rewarding. Moreover, the CCNA accreditation will open many doors and help you achieve your long-term career goals. So, if you have been skeptical about this certification track, now is a good time to go ahead and earn it.