Kanu Nwankwo Leads COVID-19 Awareness campaign, Encourages Constant Use Of Face Mask

Kanu Nwankwo Leads COVID-19 Awareness campaign, Encourages Constant Use Of Face Mask



Nigeria’s famous football legend, Kanu Nwankwo, has commenced an awareness campaign on the preventive measures and realities of the novel Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria.

The campaign was commenced a few days ago in Imo state as the popular football legend was joined by a huge number of volunteer participants in his awareness and reality campaign on coronavirus in Nigeria.

Participants and volunteers during the campaign held up placards, banners and other public notice inscriptions, carrying educative and encouraging messages that that informative to creating awareness on the deadly virus and best people can carefully adapt to new lifestyles to prevent the inconsequential spread of the virus.

Speaking in an exclusive conversation with the convener of the COVID-19 campaign in Imo state, Kanu who is also a notable and recognized humanitarian and philanthropist of Kanu Heart Foundation told StatePress that his team would not hit the hay until they achieve fruition creating awareness on the realities of COVID-19 by highlighting it’s dangers and by encouraging Nigerians to maintain a constant use of face masks.

Kanu also encouraged Nigerians and especially the people of Imo state to be continuously engaged in frequent hand washing exercise and social distancing, as it was the only way to keep our communities and households safe from the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic that has been contracted by millions of people across the world.

He has been on the frontline for interventions to support especially the poor and under persons across Africa. His involvement in the COVID-19 war did not come back on Nigerians as a shock, because his capacity and philanthropic gestures have always been a trademark of his exceptional personality and benevolent dispositions.


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