Kylie Jenner Discloses Those Behind Her Beauty Secrets

With a single post on Instagram, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters incites a media frenzy with their various sexy and fascinating snapshots.

Kylie Jenner who has upped her beauty game reveals that she still looks up to her four big sisters for advice on skincare, fitness and more.

In a recent interview with the New York Times ahead of the launch of her own beauty website, Jenner reveals what her sisters taught her about skincare and how she gets those famous lips.

She credits Khloé with teaching her the importance of SPF, often joins Kourtney’s workouts and reveals that it was Kendall’s dermatologist, Christie Kidd, who saved her skin.

And for her talked about fuller lips, she uses fillers and is still receiving Juvederm injections, courtesy of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Simon S. Ourian. She also uses lip liner instead of lipstick.