Ladies 7 Things Your Man Wants From You But Will Never Tell You

Every man expects certain things from his woman in their relationship which he will never tell her but expects her to fulfill them. Those things give them a sense of love and show that they are really cared for.

So what does your man want from you but will never tell you but are vital to improve your relationship every day? The list is inexhaustible but highlighted are 7 below.


Every man wants respect from his woman but will never voice it out for the simple fact that they expect you to know. For all men, respect is very important. You should show your man respect both in public and private as it is very important to men.

He wants a great friend                                                

Every man needs a true and loyal friend. So, your man wants you as a friend and companion with whom he can share anything with whether good or bad. He wants a woman he can spend quality time with, gist, share ideas, talk about different things not just as lovers, but also great friends.

Love and romance

Most men desire love and romance from their partner, however, they will hardly admit or talk about their feelings. Some men can hardly express their feelings and many try to play tough even though they need love. If you are in a relationship, make sure to show your partner love and also encourage his romantic efforts. Express your love by your actions as it will make him really happy.

Understanding and trust

Men need partners who are understanding especially when they are dealing with issues and do not want to talk about it. All they need at that time is your understanding, support and trust. A good man values your trust. He wants to be there for you, and also wants to know that he can count on you when he needs you. And if you are willing to be there for your man when the chips are down, he will know he has a woman to face life with.

Support and strength

A man who has the unwavering support of his loving girlfriend or wife can accomplish so much in life, especially when you are there to support, encourage and motivate him during his difficult period. He needs to know that you are always by his side; you believe in him, love him and care so much about him. You should support him without him having to ask.

Appreciate his little efforts

Every man wants his efforts to be appreciated no matter how little it may be. When you are grateful for your man’s little efforts, he will be willing to do more for you. Thus, reward your partner with your sincere appreciation, never forget to say “thank you” and tell him how proud you are, even for those little thoughtful things that he does for you. This will make him feel loved and respected.

Personal space

Well, sometimes we all need our personal space. So, if you realize that your man needs his personal space, don’t get irritated, instead, give him space and alone time he needs. He may need his personal space to recharge emotionally, think, strategize as well as pursue his personal goals and interests.