For Ladies! How To Be Confident On Your First Date

Many ladies think so much about how their first date will be like. Going on a first date is usually a combination of excitement and nerves.

Days before the date, ladies worry about what to wear, how to talk and behave just to ensure they are relaxed and confident on their first date. And hours or minutes before stepping out to the venue of the date, you check out themselves in front of the mirror to ensure you are looking good and ready to go, heart starts beating fast and butterflies starts fluttering in the stomach. It’s a normal feeling

Here are a few tips to boost your confidence and also enjoy your first date.

Initiate the Date

If you like a guy, there’s nothing wrong with initiating the date. This will even boost yourself confidence. By initiating the date, you’ve taken charge and indirectly shown the guy how confident you are. Once he says Yes, your confidence level will definitely increase.

Be Yourself

There is nothing like being yourself on your first date. This is very important for your confidence. If you rehearse things to say, learn body language or read about how to behave, these could put pressure on you and eventually take away your confidence if you don’t get them right while on the date. So, just be yourself, no pretence.

Be Positive

Don’t ever think that your date will go wrong. Instead spend time thinking about what can go right. Be positive and keep an open mind. Make him so impressed with your intelligence, attitude and conduct that he asks for a second date, third or even fourth.

Don’t Say Too Much At A Time

It is important not to say too much and also answer only questions your date asks. Never overdo it especially about topics you have little or no knowledge about. A man will respect a woman who keeps the conversation going on topics she is grounded in. If he asks you for your thoughts on something you have no experience in or don’t have an idea about, just politely say you can’t provide an answer. However, be fun, friendly and chatty but know when to stop so that you don’t undermine your confidence.

Don’t Try So Hard To Impress Him

If your date likes you on your first date and wants a second date, thumbs up. But never try so hard to impress him so that he will ask for a second date and possibly a third, fourth or even fifth.

Since you both agreed to go on a date, there must be something he already likes about you, use that as a reference instead of obsessing over trying to impress him so hard. If he doesn’t ask for second date after your first, then, just move on. It should not be the end of life for you.

Wear What Makes You Feel Comfortable And Confident

You should dress in an outfit that you feel comfortable and looks good in. What if you only dress to impress him and he ends up not commending your look. How will you feel? Of course, it will lower your confidence.

It’s not compulsory to get a new outfit for your first date. Just wear something that makes you feel happy, comfortable and confident. Keep it simple and casual for a first date.