Ladies Could Any Of These Reasons Be Why You Want to Marry Actor, Mike Godson?

Fair hued Nollywood actor, Mike Godson, penned down some suggestions on why the few women he has met could want to spend the rest of their lives with him.

“I have met a few interesting women in my life and most of the times they all want to spend the rest of thier lives with me. I still can’t point out what their reasons are!🤔 Could it be that I am a husband material or because I am a very hard working young man whose ambition is to be successful and build a great family in the near future?? Could it be that I am just sexually atracted to them or may be I have the right attributes towards caring for a woman?? Could it be because I love to play love songs in my car?? Or because I like to be in charge?? Or may be because i’d rather spend my own money rather than spend there’s. Could it be because i dont care who they are or how much they have in their bank accounts, i just want our respect for each other to be mutual. Could it be because I can cook for them to eat, or because I like to protect them when we go out in public places?? These questions are like huge puzzles to me.
But what If I am wrong?? What if it’s wrong to control a woman? Women are wired differently, as much as they are special individuals you can never know all about a woman!! So I came up with a new surviving skills…. which is, Never try to control a woman. Instead try to control your self because once you can control your self and once you take charge of your emotions you are in control of your woman. 😊”