Ladies! Have These 11 Essentials In Your Handbag That May Help Save The Day

Every lady should endeavour to carry in her handbag these 11 small but essential items just in case of unforeseen emergency situations when you least expect to save your day especially when you’re far away from home.


Keep a pair of sunglasses in your bag to help protect your eyes from the scorching sun and dust. After all, sunglasses are also a fashion accessory.

Tissues paper

You shouldn’t leave your house without a pack of tissue or at least some roll of tissue in your handbag as you cannot underrate its importance. The truth is that you may be pressed to use the toilet somewhere and there may be no water or tissue there. So, all you need do is reach for your bag to get your tissue. Also, you may save another woman’s day with your own tissue as it’s not all women who leave home with tissue in their bags.

Safety pins

Wardrobe malfunction is one of the worst things that can happen to any woman. Since you cannot predict when it could happen to you, a friend or even a colleague, it will be a good idea to have a few safety pins in different sizes to help save any wardrobe malfunction when it happens unexpectedly.

Extra cash

Although the world is driving towards a cashless economy, nevertheless, it is important to have extra cash in your handbag aside money for transport fare and other basic things you will need cash for just in case your debit cards disappoints you, you will not get stranded.

Pain relievers

It is always advisable to have a pack or sachet of your preferred pain relievers in your bag as you don’t actually know when it will come in handy. Headaches, cramps, and other kinds of ache you don’t envisage may suddenly happen at any time which may make you feel very uncomfortable and throw you off balance.

Period essentials

Whatever you use pads, tampons or other period essentials, it is always ideal to put at least two or three in your handbag as you cannot be ready enough. Also, you may be of help to another woman who may not be as prepared as you are.


Have at least one or two handkerchiefs in your handbag to wipe sweat as well as manage some unforeseen emergencies like makeup smear or spill on clothes. The colour is a matter of personal choice. It doesn’t have to be white.

Mini notebook and pen

You don’t have to be a journalist to have a notebook and pen in your bag. Having a mini notebook and functional pen may come in handy if you need to quickly jot down ideas, thoughts, make-a-to do lists or even write down or write out someone’s phone number.

 Hand sanitizer

Every woman should have a small bottle of hand sanitizer in her handbag. It is essential to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer especially if water and soap are unavailable to wash your hands. The sanitizer will help to avoid the spread of germs picked from public transport, shaking people’s hands and, of course, use of public toilets. Having a hand sanitizer in your bag is necessary for maintaining good hygiene.


Just plug in your functional earpiece into your phone and listen to your favourite songs, messages or even watch videos and be in your own world especially when you are bored or stuck in traffic.

Means of identification

It is key to always have some means of identification in your handbag because you never know when and where you will need to properly identify yourself. Even if it’s a photocopy, ensure you have it neatly kept in your bag.

Since ladies often change their handbags to complement their outfits for almost every outing, hence, you should endeavour to transfer all these items into the handbag you will be carrying for that day.