Ladies, Here’s Why You Should Start Ironing Your Underwear

Just because underwear is worn on the inside, it doesn’t mean that piece of important clothing should not be ironed.

The truth is that while you may think that your underwear is clean after washing it, it could instead drag some health hazards with it. That is, if you do what many ladies do – wash and hang your underwear indoors to dry, say in the bathroom.

As we know, most ladies hardly hang their undies out in the sun – the main bacteria killer because of the privacy attached to underwear. Instead, they mostly hang them using normal hangers or panty peg inside the bedroom or bathroom to let them dry.

But we forget that indoors is a convenient environment for micro-organisms such as fungus to grow. Such breed in moist places and this can affect the lady wearing the underwear. The ultra-violet rays of the sun have disinfecting properties that help to sterilize the underwear and leave them moisture-free, something that cannot happen if underwear is hung behind closed doors. It is worthy of mention that it is the moisture trapped while they are left indoors that enhance the growth of bacteria and fungi. Besides, when undies are not properly dry, they can also cause a foul odour.

The underwear is an intimate clothing item in our wardrobe. That’s because it comes into very close contact with the most private of our body parts therefore it just cannot be seen by people. However, it’s a very good idea to dry your underwear outdoors in direct sunlight. This will completely destroy most germs in the underwear.

But since most ladies are totally uncomfortable with hanging their underwear in direct sunlight to dry properly, the best solution is to iron the middle part when they are dried to help remove moisture as well as kill any bacteria in the fabric. Ironing will also leave your underwear wrinkle-free.Ironing Your Underwear

It is important that:

•                    You do not wash your underwear together with clothes that have been contaminated with other bodily fluids. And it is best to hand wash them to prolong their lifetime and not in a washing machine as they are prime breeding grounds for germs.

•                    If you decide to hang your underwear outside to dry, then, the time should be limited and not too long to cause creasing.

•                    Iron your underwear using low heat. You can increase the heat to suit the kind of fabric you will be ironing, like cotton, silk, rayon or polyester. All of these fabrics respond to different temperatures.

•                    Use a different iron from the one everyone uses. So, get a personal iron solely for ironing your underwear.

•                    To prevent stains from setting in, you could put a light piece of fabric over the underwear while ironing them especially if it’s not cotton underwear.

•                     Finally, fold your underwear carefully after you are done ironing and place in your underwear bag or closet.

So ladies, if you don’t want to dry your undies directly in the sun, then, just iron them!