Ladies, Never Wear These 5 Things To The Gym

The gym is not a place for a fashion parade; hence, there is no need to be all dressed up. Since it’s a place to exercise, you need the right gym essentials to make your time at the gym not just comfortable but also enjoyable.

So, here are 5 things women should never wear to the gym especially if you are a beginner.

Loose-fitting outfits

You should never wear clothes that are non-gym compliant. The gym is strictly for exercises; hence, you must take into consideration the kind of outfit you will wear. Avoid loose-fitting outfits as it will inhibit your workout. Also, you don’t need to hide your body, because your trainer or instructor needs to see it to assess your progress. So you should wear outfits that actually fit you, and that you feel awesome and good in.

So it is advisable to opt for fitting breathable workout outfits like leggings, tank tops, sports bras, as well as tops designed with sweat-wicking fabrics that fit you. That is fabrics that draw away sweat from the body.

Also, avoid wearing outfits that are too tight as it will restrict your movement.


You should take off any form of jewellery before or immediately you get to the gym. Better still; leave your jewellery at home including your wedding ring. Instead, wear accessories like fitness tracker watch, sweat-wicking headband among others.

Regular bra

You should never wear your regular bra to the gym if you love your breast. The simple reason is that it will not provide the necessary and adequate support when you’re working out. Aside from your breast bouncing, if you have a moderate to a large chest, the movement can lead to upper back and shoulder pain after your workout.

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Also, it can cause the breast tissue to stretch, damaging it and increasing your chances for sagging in the future. So, it will be appropriate that you wear a good sports bra that has a good fit, comfortable and firm. Not to mention that these sport bras come in a variety of beautiful style and colours to select from.


Wearing makeup to the gym is a big no, no. Makeup has its time and place, and the gym is definitely not one of them. That’s because aside sweat smudging your beautiful makeup if you work out and sweat with makeup on, it is certain that dirt and oil will build up which will lead to breakouts in a short period of time.

Improper gym shoes

You are not expected to wear pumps or flats to the gym. Your gym shoes are as important as your outfit if you want to get the best experience at the gym. Therefore, it will be appropriate to wear a comfortable pair of sneakers or trainers in design and colour of your choice. Also, never wear worn-out sneakers to the gym

You should note that whatever you wear to the gym will affect your performance 100 per cent. So, it is advisable to dress to suit the gym when heading there.