Look Glamorous In The shoulder-baring dress

The one-shoulder dress also known as mono strap dress can instantly turn you into a Grecian goddess. Although this dress style has been in fashion for a long time, it still manages to maintain its fresh and astonishing look. This dress style is sexy, edgy and flirty all at the same time and great for both day and night events.

For daytime event, you could opt for a short dress and pair with a pair of flat sandals or lovely strappy shoes. For an evening event, you cannot go wrong with a full length gown. You could also opt for a short dress that is exquisitely embellished with sequins and wear with high heels.

The one-shoulder dress comes in different fabrics, colours, necklines, length and styles to suit any occasion. Sometimes because of the dress style, it could be a bit tricky to pull off. So, here are some vital things to know about styling and accessorising for an impeccable and glamorous look.


Keep neckline free and chic: The one-shoulder is already a fashion statement in itself, so avoid adding accessories that will compete with your neckline. The key to looking chic in this type of dress is to keep the neckline sleek. So play up your décolletage and shoulders.

Wear the right underwear: It is best to wear this dress with a strapless bra underneath. A normal bra will look awful underneath because the strap will show and this is an unforgivable fashion mistake. Don’t cover it up: There is no need to cover up with jackets or scarves because the essence is to show off your beautiful shoulders.

Solid colours: Opt for dresses in solid colours like red, blue, pink and emerald green. Belt it if you must: You can turn a solid one-shoulder dress into something chic and fabulous by cinching the waist with a wide or skinny belt to flatter your figure.

Keep accessories simple: The best way to avoid distracting the neckline is to keep accessories simple. Avoid wearing necklaces as they would interfere with the beautiful neckline of your dress, which is already a fashion statement itself. But if you really like necklace, then go for a choker or something simple which stays close to the neck without interfering with the dress.

If the dress is already embellished, just go with few small accessories like bangle bracelets, cocktail rings and earrings. So, whether you decide to wear a one shoulder dress for a special evening event or simply a casual outing, ensure you look stunning.