LookBook: EhiWoman Launches EWUARABA

Abuja-based fashion brand – EhiWoman recently launched an exciting new collection in the city of Accra, Ghana.

The SS22 collection is titled E-W-U-R-A-B-A (Her Reflection). The spring/summer 20 22 collection EWURABA embodies our core objective of reminding women that they are important.

This collection is inspired by the power of women in Accra, Ghana, Every EHIWOMAN is EWUARABA knowing that a woman in her essence is a gift to the world. She is both soft and Powerful. She knows her worth. She goes through life on her own terms. She doesn’t prove her point with profanity. She dresses not simply with taste but dresses with dignity.

And as such, the designer noted, “Dear EHIWOMAN – You are BOLD. You are CLASSY. You are Confident. You are Unique. You are Extraordinary. Show up daily knowing that you are very important and the universe is waiting for you to just SHINE.”


Find below more photos of the new pieces.


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