Makeup Tips For The Office

Undoubtedly, many would love to make an impression by the way they dress and apply makeup especially at the workplace. But, what kind of makeup is suitable for the office? When it comes to office makeup, you don’t have to overdo it with loud colours or glitters and become a distraction or topic of discourse. Here are some makeup tips to help you look your best at work.

• In the work environment, your makeup should be subtle and not too loud.

• Eyes are the focal point of contact when you speak at work. So, ensure you use a good primer, foundation and concealer combination.

• Choose nude lipsticks or opt for those with matte effect to look gorgeous and beautiful. Go for lipsticks that last throughout the day and need minimum touchup. Avoid using dark tones and try soft cheer colours. A simple tip is to use a lipstick that matches your blush.

• Choose matte finish foundation to look fresh and smashing all day.

• Choose an eye shadow colour that will emphasize your eyes. Go for colours like grey, bronze or brown. Stay away from glitters, they are a distraction and more suitable for night events.

• Use liquid eye liner to accentuate your eyes. Grey and brown are good options. Avoid dramatic eyes with bright coloured liners. Also, use mascara that does not smudge.

• Add a hint of blush on the cheeks but nothing too dramatic. Use a shade close to your skin tone or a neutral pink tone. Heavy makeup at the work place is a big turn off.

So, your makeup should be subtle but make you look beautiful, confident and flawless.