Mouka Presents Customized Mattress To Nigeria’s Tallest Man, Afeez Agoro

Mouka Presents Customized Mattress To Nigeria’s Tallest Man, Afeez Agoro






Mouka has presented a customized Wellbeing Regal orthopaedic mattress to Afeez Agoro, Nigeria’s tallest man, for the quality sleep he desires for his height.

As a company that propagates the importance of quality sleep, Mouka, Nigeria’s foremost manufacturer of branded mattresses and pillows, came to the aid of Agoro, who previously had difficulty finding the right sleep solution for his 7 feet 4.58 inches frame.

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True to its current marketing campaign, ‘There is a Mouka for Everyone’; the brand assures Nigerian’s that Mouka provides the right sleep products to suit an individual based on their age, body build, budget and lifestyle.

The Mouka Wellbeing range of mattresses is endorsed by both the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP) and the National Association of Orthopaedic Manual Therapists (NAOMT). Both associations have certified the Wellbeing range as ergonomically compliant, aligning the spine and relieving tension from pressure points around the body. The Wellbeing Regal full orthopaedic mattress is highly recommended for the elderly and those experiencing back pains.

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On the gesture, Mouka’s Chief Executive Officer, Raymond Murphy, said the brand is continuously looking at ways to add comfort to Nigerians’ lives, especially those in dire need of relief from body aches and pains.

Other quality brands in its portfolio include Mondeo Plus spring mattress, Flora range of mattresses, Dreamtime water-resistant mattress, and a wide range of pillows to help Nigerians sleep well and wake up refreshed.