My Style Is Easy But Catchy – Vien Osagie

 On-air personality and ex-beauty queen Bamidele Vien Osagie’s style maybe somewhat subdued, but it is nonetheless eye-catching. This she told glamtush.

What words best describe your style?

My style is easy, calm, catchy but not too loud.

Is there a philosophy behind the kind of outfits you wear?

I would say the weather, mood and event.

What outfits take up the most space in your wardrobe?

You will see more of pencil skirts, jeans and t-shirts and dresses.

What is your ready-to-go outfit?

I like to jump into a jeans, nice t-shirt and wedge boots.


Is there any outfit you’re unlikely to be seen wearing?

I will never be caught wearing a net outfit.

Do you consider any fashion item indispensable?

I don’t wear wristwatches, so my bracelet is indispensable. I wear different lovely styles, sizes and colours of bracelets that complement my outfit.

What kinds of shoes hold a special appeal to you?

I love wedge boots, it is comfortable. I also love pointed-toe and strappy high heels shoes. As well as my regular canvass.

If you were a fashion item, what would you rather be?

I would like to be a pencil high-waist skirt because whether a woman has shape or not, whenever she wears this skirt style it flaunts her silhouette.

What kind of jewellery appeals to you?

I love simple but beautiful necklace that blends well with my outfit like silver chain and pearl necklaces. I also love cute tiny cocktail rings that goes half way the finger.

Most expensive fashion item ever bought

It is a pair of Christian Louboutin high heel shoes.

Best designer

In Nigeria, it has to be Dennizz Fashion. The brand is new but they have outfits for my kind of style. Aside that, they play with colours.

Signature perfume

I love all the Calvin Klein collection but right now I use Calvin Klein Summer.

How do you love your hair?

I love hairstyles that make my face glow whether it is braids or weave-on. But I am specific about colours. So whether it’s braid or weave-on, it has to be black, wine or gold.

How do you love your makeup?

On a normal day, simple and subtle makeup does it for me. But for a red carpet event, my makeup is a bit loud.

Best colour

I love blue, white and a touch of yellow.