My Wife, My Pain

Five years ago, when I set my eyes on Beatrice, I made up my mind that she was going to be my wife. At the point in my life when we met, I had no job but her prayers, support, encouragement and love kept me going.

Less than six months of dating, I got a well-paying job and a year later we got married. Beatrice was an example of the virtuous woman because of her qualities and this made me love her more.

Four months into our marriage, she revealed her true self. She changed into a disrespectful, envious and spiteful woman as if she wasn’t the woman I met, fell in love with and married. She stopped cooking, abuses and disrespects me at every chance especially when our friends and family members are present. She also drew up a timetable as per bedroom matters. She does not even think twice to insult and disrespect my family members and friends whenever they visit us. So they don’t even bother to visit us anymore.

These days, I don’t like going out with Beatrice because of her insolence. It’s so bad that she insults and sometimes physically fight on the road. The other day, at the sent-forth party of one of my bosses in my office she humiliated. She angrily hijacked my collar and before I could say Jack Robinson, Beatrice tore my shirt claiming that I left her to be with my girlfriend. Meanwhile, I was helping to ensure that there was no hiccups in the party which she was well aware of but she wanted to show her ‘madness’. It is as if Beatrice takes pleasure in causing me in pains.

When I asked her why the change in her attitude, Beatrice bluntly told me that she has always been this way but had to pretend so that she too can get married like her friends but whether she wants to have children for me will be decided in a few years. I was shocked to my bone marrows.

Our marriage is less than one year but I am already getting tired. She has driven my family members and close friend away because of her attitude. I am not a man who likes divorce but my fear is that I don’t know what else she will do. What do I do?