Nail Trends You Can DIY From Home

Nail Trends You Can DIY From Home



Australia is a hub for enchanting sceneries, wild waves, and glass-and-steel towers — a vacationer’s paradise. But it is not just the sights that you can enjoy in the bright and sunny Land Down Under. In cities and the countryside alike, you will find an array of services dedicated to offering you the best pampering session, whether it be your hair, nails, or skin. But with most places on lockdown, you might be stuck at home with overgrown nails and a craving for something new.

Here is a good idea: bring the latest nail trends to your house with the right tools and the spirit of DIY.

You do not have to miss out on the latest trends or spend hundreds of dollars getting your tips perfectly-polished. All you need is to pick out essentials, such as fine brush tips and nail stamping plates Australia has in its market to get you on track to reviving your best nails.


The Skinny French Tip

French tips have existed since the ‘70s to address the concern of keeping a natural-looking, neutral nail amid wardrobe changes in movie sets. Ever since then, it has become a staple in Australian style as they make your nails look ultra-defined with very little effort. While the french tip traditionally mimics the growth of the nail, its 2020 evolution form is skinny, minimalistic, and fun.

Think of the 2020 french tip as a hairline border across the tip of your nails, in whatever colour you like — whether neons or neutrals or the classic white outline. The key to creating this seamless tip is to perfectly file your nails to your shape of choice, though it looks particularly charming on an oval or coffin nail. Draw the skinny french tip with a liner brush and your favourite nail polish. Consider using a gel polish as it glides on more smoothly and lasts longer.

Spice things up by extending the line to cover the entire border of your nail, bringing an interesting point to the tips of your fingers.


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Nail Art For Everyone

A couple of years ago, intricate nail designs took the world by storm. But they were not easy to achieve, especially if you were doing your nails at home and on your own. Nowadays, recreating the most detailed artwork on your nails is not a problem with an easy-to-use set of nail stamping plates in Australia. These are essentially stencils that you use alongside a nail stamp to transfer designs onto your polished nail.

All you need to do is to coat the stamp plate in polish, pick up the colour with a nail stamp and some pressure, and then stamp it onto your nail. In a matter of seconds, you will have recreated the most beautiful designs. Both Australian professionals and nail enthusiasts love this fun nail hack as it is quick and cheaper than paying for hand-drawn services. Remember to put on a top coat to preserve the polish for as long as possible.


Dipping Your Way To Long-Lasting Nails

You may have heard of the gel and acrylic nail fad that took the world by storm due to their lasting power. But you can achieve an easier and DIY-friendly version of nails that last for weeks with nail dip powders. It is so easy: coat your nails in polish, dip them into the powder, and repeat until you achieve the desired opacity and thickness. File and buff into shape and finish off with a top coat — and you are done. You can also spice things up by layering on designs with a stamp, create a french tip, or stick-on rhinestones to make your nails extra fun. The best part? You do not have to cure nail dips.

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Modern nail trends are cost and time-efficient, so you can ditch spending 3 hours at your favourite Australian salon and instead enjoy the creative process at home. Nothing beats the ability to switch things up whenever you feel like it.



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