NASIMS Speaks On Commencement Of October Npower Batch C Payment

NASIMS has spoken on the commencement of the October Npower Batch C Payment.

Glamtush reports that NASIMS official has cleared the air concerning the ongoing rumours of payment of the October stipend, according to their post on Facebook which reads;

“Dear Beneficiary,

We can’t talk about payment of the October stipend without first having those major issues associated with payment of the September stipend addressed, as some beneficiaries are yet to be paid.”

Recall, in one of our recent/previous posts, we highlighted the likely cause of the delay experienced prior to commencement of payment of September stipend and assurance of subsequent payment devoid of irregularities. Until all these challenges at hand are sorted out, a glitch-free payment cannot be achieved.

Therefore, any statement or evidence claiming the commencement of payment of the October stipend is false.

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