New Telenovela “All Roads Leads To Love” Begins On DSTV, GOTv

New telenovela, “All roads lead to love” is an American telenovela created by Valentina Párraga who also created intriguing telenovelas La Patrona, Los miserables and My Heart Beats For Lola which did very well with the African audience. It is produced by Martha Godoy for Telemundo.

All Roads Lead to Love puts the spotlight on a truck driving chikita: Eva, played by telenovela star, Edith González. The telenovela is an original story written by Valentina Párraga but it is not an adaptation of Lola the Truck Driver produced in 1983.

It tells the story of the trials and tribulations of Eva, a strong, tough and determined woman who makes a living as a truck driver, following in the footsteps of her father who made a living the same way. She is a woman who is more than ready to take on any challenge.

When Eva inherits her father’s trucking empire, her life starts to fall into place. She found love, settled down to start a family and she’s at the helm of a business that she loves.

But a few years, and all is not well in paradise.  Between her two troubled daughters, with issues ranging from Asperger’s to substance abuse, a sister who envies her deeply, and a best friend who is also her worst enemy, Eva has enough to contend with. Then the serial infidelity of her husband, Armando, sets off a chain reaction leading to intrigue, murder, conspiracy and potentially even Eva’s imprisonment.

Thrown into the mix is her growing attraction for the steamy Pablo. He’s a handsome and noble ex-cop who is 10 years her junior. But with a tragedy in his past, Pablo has his own secrets, and it’s no coincidence that his path has crossed with the Soler family’s.

Arap Bethke, Jorge Luis Pila and Erika de la Rosa

It stars some of Telemundo favourites like Jorge Luis Pila who plays Eva’s husband, Armando Montes and Under the Same Sky star, Erika de la Rosa plays Eva’s creepy, jealous friend, Marlene Palacios and the role of Pablo is played by African-born Mexican actor, Arap Bethke.