No Scientific Evidence That Drinking Milk, Malt Combo Boost Blood Volume – Nutritionist

Drinking malt and milk combination does not boost blood volume as widely believed.

According to a Professor of Public Health Nutrition at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Beatrice Ogunba, there is no scientific evidence to the claim by some Nigerians that drinking malt and milk mixed together increases blood volume.

She says many people believe that drinking malt and peak milk increase blood volume, insisting that the assertion has no evidence in medicine.

Prof. Ogunba, however, said consuming milk and malt could deliver nutrients to the body because they are fortified with iron, calcium and vitamins.

Speaking with Punch Healthwise in an interview, the nutritionist said that the claim that consuming milk and malt increases blood in the body is not scientific.

Prof. Ogunba said, “Milk is protein and we have fortified milk with iron and calcium. Some malts are also fortified with vitamins, so consuming all these will deliver nutrients to the body.

“But mixing milk and malt with the notion that it will increase blood volume is unrealistic. There is no scientific evidence for that. I have heard about the mixture and it is mostly consumed by women. But in terms of delivering iron, I am sure of that because milk has iron.”

She, however, urged Nigerians to diversify the foods they consume to get all the nutrients they need to be healthy.


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