Northern Group Makes Damning Revelation About Buhari, APC

 Northern Group has made a damning revelation about Buhari and APC.



Glamtush reports that a group identified as Northern Youths Leaders Forum (NYLF), says the Muhammadu Buhari that Nigerians have today is not the Buhari they elected as president in 2015.

This online news platform understands that the National President of the NYLF, Comrade Elliot Afiyo, who led the group to a news conference in Yola on Friday, said Buhari has been caged and unable to influence good governance in line with his sterling innate character.


“The real spotless Buhari has been caged,” Afiyo said, adding that Buhari has been laminated and his core personality replaced with the unsavoury Buhari that Nigerians know today.


Afiyo, who said he had known Buhari on a close range for a long time, said the president is a straightforward and honest person with selfless disposition and an eye for the general good, but that those around him have not provided the right environment for the real Buhari to manifest.

He said Buhari’s party itself, the All Progressives Congress (APC), has not been helpful, as its ideology is only on paper.

He expressed the regret that, “rather than praying for Buhari, Nigerians instead curse him.

“It is public knowledge that our nation is sinking and there is every need for patriots to come together to restore the nation,” he said

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