Ogilvy Unveils Local Partnership To Boost Nigeria’s Advertising Industry 

Nigerian companies anticipating to operate at global level have found new opportunities to strategically launch their products and services on the global stage.

This opportunity is being offered with the unveiling of Ogilvy Nigeria office which offers world class services that will make Nigerians more competitive at the global space.

Ogilvy, a member of WPP group which has won several awards in integrated creative network that creates experience, design and communications for brands entered the Nigerian market in partnership with Seni Adetu as the group chief executive is another subsidiary under First Primus Group.

The opening of Ogilvy Nigeria became possible after WPP acquired a 24.9 per cent stake in First Primus Group, and will complement other subsidiaries in the group by offering strategic and creative Above-The- Line, ATL, and Below-The-Line, BTL, services.

Commenting at the forum, chief executive of EMEA, executive partner Ogilvy group, Paul Donnell, said, “This is a long-term undertaking. Now more than ever, companies are having conversations around exactly what it means to be a brand. And Nigerian Companies are thinking more strategically about who they want to be on the global stage.

We see a new generation of global Companies emerging in Nigeria, and we know that this new office can be a hub facilitating their successes to our global Ogilvy and WPP network for their global branding efforts.

The group chief executive, Ogilvy Nigeria, Seni Adetu said, “I am delighted to be partnering with an award-winning global brand. This is a great opportunity to further enhance the quality of strategic and creative development of advertising in Nigeria.

We can now offer world-class services to Nigeria companies as well as multinationals locally.

We are positioned to provide our clients local expertise with global standards. With my committed team, with years of proven experience and passion, we look forward to redefining the advertising industry in Nigeria.”