#OkadaKekeBan: Occupy Lagos Takes Place Today, Releases Protest Rules

#OccupyLagos will be happening today, Saturday, February 8 at Eko Atlantic to protest the ban of Okada and Keke with the hastag, #OkadaKekeBan.

The converging point will be at Silverbird Galleria by 9 am and there will be a silent walk to Eko Atlantic by 10 am.

We maintain that this is a PEACEFUL PROTEST and we will NOT be disrupting the marathon and other activities.


We will like to thank everyone for the immense support we’ve gotten for the #OccupyLagos protest holding on Saturday (08/02/2020). We are ready to march tomorrow and look forward to protesting with you.

In view of this, please note the following information:

1. Security: we are determined to maintain a peaceful, law-abiding and civil protest. Please, note that we are working with security agents and we will not hesitate to hand over any defaulter to the authorities.

Alcohol, pepperspray, tasers, knives, blades and other weapons or objects with the semblance of weapons are also not allowed at the protest. We also implore protesters to avoid responding or getting aggravated if provoked. Thank you for your anticipated compliance.

2. Meeting point: protesters are to converge at 9 am at the Silverbird Galleria, Ahmadu Bello way.

3. Blocked Roads/Coordination of movement: By 8/9 am, Surulere should be free and Protesters who live on the mainland can start coming to the island.

Protesters are advised to pass through Surulere and Eko bridge from 8/9 am. They can also pass 3MB if it’s open by the time they are moving. We will use the open group to coordinate movement tomorrow.

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From 7:30/8 am, please give any updates you have on open and closed roads, free and traffic-laden routes and the progress of the marathon and opening of roads on the open group.

4. Protest Plan: By 10 am, all of us at Silverbird Galleria will be having a silent walk from there…

to Eko Atlantic, displaying only our placards. We will stop opposite the Eko Atlantic gate, form a long straight line and silently display our placards till the marathon is over. We will not be disrupting the marathon or other activities.

5. Publicity: Please, help use your social media presence to ensure information released is spread as far as possible.

6. Safety tips: please, come along with your means of identification. We reiterate that this is strictly a peaceful protest.

Again, We will not hesitate to hand over any defaulter to security agents at the event.

7. Health issues: we would advise anyone with health issues that may affect them during the protest to please avoid coming if it will be too tasking.

We won’t have a medical team and we don’t want anyone to put their health at risk.

8. Dress code: Wear something comfortable or sporty. Ensure your shoes are comfortable, sneakers are advisable.

9. Protest kits: please, come with your placards, markers, and banners if possible.

If you can come with extra banners, placards, cardboards, markers for fellow protesters, please do so. We advise that you carry sling bags or light backpacks if you have to come with bags. Please keep your properties safe as we can not be responsible for them.

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Items we advise you come with include face caps or hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, ID cards, bottles of water, towels/handkerchiefs, power backs, and phone cords.

We look forward to seeing and marching peacefully with you tomorrow. Thank you again.