“On The Other Side Of The Wall” Coming Soon On Telemundo

The drama series, On The Other Side Of The Wall (Al Otro Lado Del Muro) centers on the lives of two women from two different backgrounds who for their own reasons have to cross the border from Mexico – one is following a dream, the other is fleeing a nightmare.

While one, Eliza is very humble, the other woman, Sofia, is a wealthy and prominent figure and the wife of the governor of the state of Puebla. As different as they are, these two women will join forces on the American side of the wall to try to rebuild their lives.

Litzy portrays ‘Eliza Romero’ a beautiful and happy baker, a mother of two who moves to the United States to reunite with her husband, Max, not knowing that during the many years they have been apart, he started a new family.

Marjorie de Sousa, who marks her debut on Telemundo in this telenovela, plays the role of Sofía Villavicencio, a former pageant queen and the wife of the evil Mexican Governor, Ernesto Martinez, who discovers he is a member of a child-trafficking ring.

Gabriel Porras plays the role of the handsome but evil governor and human trafficker, Ernesto Martinez. Governor Martinez is cold and calculating, but like all politicians, he is great at being a phony. With the help of his staff, other politicians, and his equally evil girlfriend, he fools the voters, while he buys and sells young women, kidnaps his own son, and gets to live in the Governor’s Mansion for free.

On The Other Side of the Wall showcases the challenges and opportunities many immigrants experience in pursuit of a better life.

The series also reflects the opposing worlds, cultural gaps, and different ways of life as well as show the daily lives of immigrants who try to emerge in an unknown and sometimes hostile world to them.

The series which stars LitzyGabriel Porras andMarjorie de Sousa brings to viewers a window on the reality of Hispanics in the United States.

The telenovela premieres on Monday, August 20 at 7pm CAT/ 8pm WAT. So watch out for it!