“Our Ship Was Almost Submerged …” Singer Shola Allyson Reveals As They Celebrate 16th Wedding Anniversary

Nigerian soul, gospel singer, and songwriter, Shola Allyson-Obaniyi, popularly known as Shola Allyson and her husband, Toyin are celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary today.

The singer took to her Instagram page, posted their wedding photo as she reflected on their journey this past 16 years. But in all, their love has kept them going and they are happily married.

Today 16 years ago, our wedding would be tomorrow… In love. Looking to life ahead with love only. No system as ensample of our dreams, only the determinatuon to get it right, whatever comes our way… And many things came! Many. Many. Many. The tide became really high. Our ship was almost submerged… Two souls, armed with LOVE only. Totally ignorant of the inevitable effect that childhood trauma would make evident along the journey! And it did! Both ways. Sincere human mistakes that triggered volatile, suppressed deprivations… Both ways! Oh it did! Reacting differently based on our inner wirings, the ship was sinking… We WORKED! We travailed in faith and WORKS! No existing “work” to build on, only the guiding from The Realms of The WORKER of all works! And we were helped! We are being helped! The works of The WORKER are always there helping us in our works!

We are here. We are happy. I don’t know how to feign happiness. I am happy. Toyin is happy. Happily married. Happy. So I can be happily married!

These souls in love. Realising that we’re helpers in destiny to each another. PathMates. For life. Shining The Light together as shining lights. Determined to “enjoyingly” rewrite the story and create a straight path for those coming. A lineage of Grace! It WORKED! “Enjoyingly” because mo gbọ́dọ̀ enjoy life yí mehn! It is WORKING!

Today 16 years ago, our wedding would be tomorrow. We are full of gratitude, to The WORKER of all WORKS from Whom we get help to WORK out our LOVE!

Allyson met her husband, Toyin Obaniyi in the church choir. They got married in March 2003 and have three children together- Ayobami, Mopelola, and Obafunmiwo.

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