Pastor Faith Oyedepo Highlights 6 Important Financial Tips To Cultivate

Pastor Faith Abiola Oyedepo, wife of Dr. David Oyedepo, the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide also known as Winners’ Chapel, and Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Ota, has highlighted 6 financial tips to cultivate.

According to the woman of God, one’s financial future is dependent on how responsible one is with money handling today. Some of the tips she stated include being accountable, budget, prioritise your spending amongst others.

The founder of FAOF through her official Instagram page captioned the post, ‘Important Financial Tips To Cultivate’

See what she posted below:

Important Financial Tips To Cultivate
Financial irresponsibility coupled with an unholy crave for quick money has driven many youths and singles to get themselves involved in all manner of vices such as sexual immorality, robbery, money laundering, etc. Your financial future is dependent on how responsible you are with money handling today. Some of these are basics of money management:
1. Be accountable.
2. Learn to budget: Living without a budget is like living without a guide; it makes life miserable and frustrating.
3. Prioritise your spending: Put things in order of importance before spending.
4. Say no to idleness.
5. Invest and save: Have a good understanding and practice investing and saving.
6. Engage in covenant practice such as giving your tithes, offering, to your parents and the needy.

Faith Oyedepo is the founder, FAOF, and she propagates the word of God along with her husband, in numerous nations of the world with a mission to liberate the oppressed.

She has a ministry to families and homes, which she has dedicated her life to, by showing people the perfect will of God for their homes and relationships. She also has a divine call to make her shoulders available, and enrich the lives of singles in a unique way.

Pastor Faith has also demonstrated in practical terms and through deep spiritual insight, that the home can truly be the Eden that God created it to be.

The mother of four grown up children and grandmother turned on February 5.