Pay Michael Jordan $8.9m For Using His name without permission, court rules

NBA legend Michael Jordan was awarded $8.9 million by a Chicago jury on Friday, August 21, in a case against a supermarket chain which included his name in a promotion without his permission.

“I’m pleased with today’s verdict,” Jordan said in a statement. “No one — whether or not they’re a public figure — should have to worry about their identity being used without their permission.”

Dominick’s in 2009 used Jordan’s name in a commemorative ad in Sports Illustrated when the former Chicago Bulls superstar was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Lawyers for the now-closed grocery store chain — which was taken over by Safeway — had said Jordan should receive $126,900 for the unauthorized use of his name.

Jordan argued that he wouldn’t have accepted such a deal based on his endorsement history and his legal team determined with the help of a sports economist that using his name in the ad was worth $10 million.

Source: Vanguard