Photos: Bishop Oyedepo Lays Foundation Of 106, 000 Seater Auditorium

Photos: Bishop Oyedepo Lays Foundation Of 106, 000 Seater Auditorium





Bishop David Oyedepo laid the foundation of the largest church auditorium to take 106,00 seats called The Ark on Thursday, March 25.

This prophetic event held at faith Tabernacle ground, Caananland Ota Ogun State where the foundation laying ministration was done by the founder of the Living Faith Church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo.

Eminent sons of the prophet such as Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre and Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries were present to witness this great occasion.

Oyedepo acknowledged that the builder of the church is Jesus and God is the owner. He said: ‘we are only fronting for God here on earth, we are not the builders, but you oh Lord is the owner of this church. Jesus is the master builder and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.  The reason why the enemy has not prevailed against the enlargement of this church is because he is not the owner. Jesus is the owner. Any church that is growing is because members allowed Jesus to own it and we are sold out to Jesus as a way of life. He is the supplier of the funds. Thank you Lord for warding off the gates of hell from the church, he said.”

Bishop Oyedepo went on to recount how God brought the decision to build the largest church in the world as far back as 2016.

He said: “Everything matters to God including names. Names are important to God. When it was declared back in 2015, it was called ‘Faith Theatre’.  When I asked Him in prayers if it was time to embark on this project that year, God was silent but we didn’t have any financial issues at all to start it but we always get directions from God on anything we do here in this church. God says when I keep mute it means stay where you are and do nothing. So we didn’t do anything until He commanded it.

In 2017, God said to me, speak no more of this project to me until you hear from Me. So I didn’t speak to Him on it.  What I did was tell them not to touch the money originally allotted for this project but to put a certain percentage from the church funds to that account. It will interest you to know that there is no dime from any of our foreign missions in this project. There is not telephone call made to anyone for funds for this project. With genuine love for God there is no wealth He will not entrust in your hands.

One day God said to me: I won’t have moved with you where you originally wanted to build the church. It is never late to be right. What we did was to obey His instruction. He wants The Ark to be inside Canaanland, so we moved the secondary school. Faith Academy from its place and relocated it to a new area for the project to kickoff.

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God said to me: This is a replica of the Ark of Noah to preserve the generation of believers in this end time. I named ‘Faith Theater’ but He named it ‘The Ark’

We follow divine directives from Ps 78: 68-69. So we are in the era of high palaces, which Jesus will meet when He comes. Our times are in His hands. I have never seen a refreshing time like this in the pursuit of his agenda. No tension at all!”

See more photos below as Living Faith Chruch makes history to start building the largest church in the world right here in Nigeria.

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