Religion Should Not Be A Barrier To Impacting Lives – Bishop Sam Zuga

Bishop Sam Zuga of House of Joy Ministry who was recently sharing the word of God with his member’s states that God can use you to touch lives and be a solution provider no matter the religion you practice.

According to the Bishop, everyone around you should benefit from your existence on earth no matter what religion you believe. He stressed that the most important thing aside striving to make heaven is to touch the lives of people around you positively, live happily and leave your name in the sands of time.

“The purpose of God creating man was not to take him to heaven but to have dominion on earth. Live happily, successfully and peacefully on earth while he acknowledges God as his creator but relate with Him as friends.”

He however added that when people hate and keep killing one another in the name of religion, they will end up losing God and eternity.

“Keep hating and killing yourselves in the name of religion, you will end up losing God and the heaven you are claiming to bribe God for, by killing who you assumed is not worshipping God in the right way.”

He, therefore, encourages Nigerians to live in peace and unity, put an end to religious rivalry so that we can help one another grow and succeed in life no matter our religion.

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