Should I Tell My Boyfriend I Cheated On My Ex?

Dear Angela,

Since I found out that my new boyfriend was devastated when his ex cheated on him, I have this strong compulsion to tell him that I cheated on my ex. Of course I know if I tell him, he will want to know why I did it but honestly, I don’t even know why but that was not the reason for our separation.

Do I confess? I’m confused.



Dear Benny,

No woman feels happy to tell her present man that she cheated on her ex. But since you have the compulsion to tell him, then, I will advise you go ahead but also think of the possible consequences. He may be devastated, begin to envision or even conclude that you will also cheat on him some day better still ask you to promise him that you will never cheat on him.

It is also possible that sharing it with him will help him understand your needs better, put his mind at ease, and even improve your relationship.

Also, put yourself in his shoes, ask yourself if you would want to know if he’d been unfaithful in the past. If so, fess up. It’s better to hear it from you now than from someone else later.

The truth is that cheating in a previous relationship is not a deal breaker but cheating in your present one is. However, you need to approach this issue with maturity and truthfully so that you can reach a deeper level of communication and connection with your man, that will lead to a trusting and lasting relationship.


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