‘Smell Good When Going On A Film Set’ Popular Movie Director Advises Actors

Popular Nigerian movie director, Daniel Ademinokan, has taken to Twitter to advise actors to ensure they smell good whenever they are going to a film set after he had a nasty body odour experience with an actor.

Sounding this as an advice to actors who suffer from body odour, Ademinokan tweeted:

“Dear Actors, when you’re coming on a film set, PLEASE ensure that you SMELL GOOD. Use a very good cologne, use some gum or ‘Tic-Tacs’ so everything smells good. We don’t wanna be confined in a little filming space & have to deal with your nasty breath & body odour. #JustSaying”.

The talented director added:

“Bro, had a nasty experience yesterday with an actor that got me “Shook”!!! As per Crew, depends on which kinda crew you’re working with and in my opinion, it starts from the head. My crew members look fresh daily cos they know being ‘crappy’ will never fly with me as a director”.


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