Special Ways To Tell Your Kids You Love Them Without Saying It

Children are special but very sensitive. Hence, they interpret their parents love the way they best understand it. To them that little spanking, pulling of their ears or screaming at them once in a while could mean you don’t love them. It sounds a little strange but it is the truth.

No doubt, parents love and show affection to their children but have you ever thought about the little “extras” that can be done to show them you love them on a daily basis without having to say “I love you?”

Feeling loved is very important to the self-esteem and self-assurance of children. As parents, it is the little things that you do to show your children that they are loved that they will remember for a lifetime and even see you as a demi god if possible.

So, here are a few ways to show and tell your children you love them through your actions.

  • Wake them up with kisses
  • Tell them how smart and intelligent they are
  • Ask them how their day was and listen to them
  • Never be “too busy” for them
  • Compliment the outfit they pick out
  • Sometimes allow them make the plans for the day and go with it especially at weekends.
  • Pray together
  • Trust them
  • Keep your promises
  • Cook together
  • Cuddle and watch movies together
  • Tell them how proud you are to be their parents
  • Say I’m sorry when you mess up
  • Mothers should play dress up with the girls
  • Fathers should play video games with the boys
  • Play different interesting games with them
  • Sing or play their favourite song when in the car together
  • Completely unplug and hang out with them as a family
  • Always attending their school activities despite your tight schedule
  • Forgive their mistakes
  • Brag about and display their art work and awards in their room
  • Be their biggest cheerleader
  • Tell each other jokes
  • Listen to whatever they are saying no matter how silly you think it sounds.
  • Correct their mistakes with love
  • Encourage them never to give up on their dreams
  • Take time to read their favourite story books to them regularly

The list is endless. As parents there are various ways to show love to your children without saying “I love you” especially now that they are on holiday.