StarLife: New! The Evil Eye November 2020 Teasers

StarLife: New! The Evil Eye November 2020 Teasers





StarLife’s new telenovela, The Evil Eye premieres this Saturday, November 28 at 22h00.

The Evil Eye revolves around – a run of bad luck.

The Evil Eye also known as Nazar, is a supernatural thriller series widely popular not only in India but also beyond the shores of the Asian country. The Indian series focused its storyline on a clan of witches called the Daayans. These Daayans worship the mother goddesses Kali and Durga.

Also, the show examined the lives of Piya and Ansh, two people who were ignorant of their inherent powers and how their destinies are linked.

Things keep going wrong, left, right and centre. And you can’t seem to get out of it.

Ansh’s son is having quite the spate of bad luck at the moment.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just simple bad luck afflicting him. A witch has cast her evil sight on the child, and the entire family is suffering under her powerful spell.

Witness their struggle to break this spell and live a normal life.


Season 1

This first season is focused on Mohana Rathod, who is a 251-year-old Daayan. She fed on the life force of her victims for her continuous existence. This evil Daayan got married to Mridul Rathod, whom she enchanted. They went on to have two kids, Ansh and Kajal. Mohana helped her husband amass a great fortune through black magic. At the same time, this evil witch slowly drained Rathod vitality, leading to his premature death. Meanwhile, a concerned Vedashree Rathod sought help from her friend Divya Sharma, a psychic sorceress and Reevaavanshi (a member of a clan of monster hunters), who ward off the evil eye by slitting the plait of Mohana, rendering her powerless. Once cornered, Divya sealed Mohana in a temple enchanted by mantras. Divya got missing soon after before Vedashree and Shekhar then adopted Ansh and Kajal.


Season 2

In season two, Madhulika encouraged her younger brother Apurv as he prepared to meet a likely suitor. She later did something surprising when Daayan approached the house. After an intense fight, Madhulika hummed a haunting tune to prevent a witness from revealing her secret. Apurv’s marriage later began. As a magical bond developed between Palak and Apurv, Madhulika tortured and killed the bride. Later, Naina, Palak’s sister, had a fatal accident. Because of this, it took Palak one million rupees to save Naina.

Meanwhile, Vishala Daayan, Madhulika’s sworn enemy, tried to suck Apurv’s life but got caught. Palak agreed to marry Apurv for one million rupees, but Madhulika used all her powers to end the marriage but to no avail. Hence, she lost all of her Daayan powers.

See the first teasers of The Evil Eye below:

Saturday 28 November 2020Episode 1

A beautiful witch, in her quest for perpetual youth, kills people using dark magic. Meanwhile, Ansh’s superstitious mother is concerned about his future.

Episode 2

Ansh’s mother feels the chill as she encounters a series of bad omens. Ansh tries to act normal in front of his mother while the enchantress finds her way to slither inside his house.

Sunday 29 November 2020

Episode 3

The family members feel worried when Ansh’s mother loses her consciousness. Later, Ansh’s mother tells everyone about the witch, Mohona who killed Mridul in the past.

Episode 4

Vedasree tells the story behind the death of the witch, Mohona to her family. Later, a tensed Vedasree decides to visit Mohona’s grave to make sure that she is dead.

Monday 30 November 2020

Episode 5

Mohona keeps an eye on Vedasree and her family members. Meanwhile, Ansh and his friends decide to find out the reason for Preeti’s death by speaking to her spirit.

Episode 6

Ansh and his cousins flee from the spot after witnessing paranormal activities. The forensic team is baffled as the witch sneaks into the hospital and disappears with Preethi’s dead body.

Premiere episodes of The Evil Eye air on StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 22h00 and 22h30.