Stella Damasus, Daughters Pay Tribute To Jaiye Aboderin On 16th Death Anniversary

Stella Damasus, Daughters Pay Tribute To Jaiye Aboderin On 16th Death Anniversary





Actress and producer, Stella Damasus took to her Instagram page today, December 3 to remember her late husband and father of her two daughters, Jaiye Aboderin on his 16th death anniversary.

Her two daughters, Isabel and Angelica also paid tribute to their late father.

Stella and her daughters wore memorial t-shirts of late Jaiye as they paid tribute to him.

Stella wrote:

“It’s been 16 years since we lost my hubby JAIYEJEJE ABODERIN. Still feels like yesterday. I wasn’t sure I could bring myself to write this but I need to. Our daughters are 21 and 18 now, all grown up. They decided to do something different this year to honor him. We all miss him and talk about him daily. Jay is not the kind of man that you forget. I smile each time I remember or talk about him because that’s what he represented to all who knew him. He brought joy, happiness, comfort and support to all. I cry sometimes because I wish he could have spent more time with us. But God knows best. Anyone who has lost a spouse will understand what I mean. JAY will never be forgotten. His legacy lives on. No matter where we go or who we become, he will always be in our hearts. Rest in peace Obim. #RIP #jaiyejejeAboderin.”


Read Isabel’s tribute to late father:

“16 years ago today, I lost someone very important to me. At the time, I didn’t fully understand the concept of death and didn’t realize that my father wasn’t coming back from heaven. This really affected me in my later years, and every December, it felt like I lost him over again. But in these same years, I heard many more wonderful stories about him and how much he was celebrated, especially after he passed away. I finally understood why God couldn’t wait to take him up to heaven; because he wasn’t just an extremely amazing human being. He was an angel. So this year, we celebrate the life of my late father. Daddy, you will forever be in our hearts. Rest in perfect peace. 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️💕💕 #rip #daddy.”

Angelica penned down:

So 16 years ago today, my father passed away and even though he’s been gone for a long time now, it never gets any easier. This year is hitting even harder with everything that is going on , so we decided to do something a little different (we made shirts because we’re corny). We wanted to make this year more special because after everything that has happened in 2020, and all the loss, we need to remind ourselves how lucky we are to be alive and healthy. I wear a smile on my face today because despite everything, I am where I am and who I am, and I know my dad is proud of the woman I’m becoming. Sometimes I find myself wishing that I had more memories with him, wishing that I got to see and experience the amazing man that he was, and wondering what my life would be like if he was still around. I might not be able to go back in time or create new memories, but I know that his legacy and his memory live on through me and my family. I am a part of him and he is a part of me, and he will always be in my heart. Rest in peace daddy💜💜”