TAMPAN: An Association With Misplaced Priorities

I watched with utter dismay, disbelief and absolute disappointment the press conference given by the leaders of TAMPAN.

First, I thought they actually set up the conference to address the issue of Baba Ijesha and how they, as an association, are going to put some disciplinary measures in place for wanting members of the association to further sanitise the industry or even set up their own investigative panel to find out what truly happened. Not knowing the so-called conference was set for just two actresses who were bold enough to stand up for what is right, people you say are not members of TAMPAN.

A lot of members of TAMPAN have been unhappy with the so-called association because of the way and manner it is being run. Padi padi kinda association wey some members get level pass the other(animal farm kind of settings).

An association is set up to carry everyone along and put the right amenities in place for her members but not for TAMPAN. Many members go tell you, oh ha say them never benefit anything from that association, na why the thing no even get head. Hence, many have decided to create their own path of being a big fish in their little pond instead of being a fish in TAMPAN’s pond, if the pond has the benefit of being there.

Back to the conference. It’s simply safe to say the conference was set up in favour of Baba Ijesha who has allegedly committed a serious sexual crime yet the issue wasn’t addressed. Na women wey bold enough talk una dey suspend. What an embarrassment and misplaced priorities. Why una no just suspend everybody wey kuku talk since una don bring the Yoruba “pami sile ma pami si ta” thing inside.

That’s the problem with so many Yoruba elders who love respect over rule of law. Respect over reasoning right and respect over truth. They’d blatantly lie against a younger person because they’d tell you “omode o kin sope agbalagba n’paro” (pikin no dey talk say elders dey lie).

I still can’t find the words to describe what I watched. These so-called elders too get female children o. This singular act they have done have given reasons for a lot of people to question the characters of these men.

Why organize a conference when the President of the association once came out to deny Baba Ijesha being a member of TAMPAN? Abi him no talk so? That he can’t suspend someone who’s not a member. Why then are you organising a conference? Why suspend the females you also say are not members of the association?

What I expected from the leaders of the association from inception was to immediately call everyone to order and release a unifying statement on behalf of the body and allow investigations to take its course.

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The only thing I saw in that video is using personal vendetta against these ladies and hiding under the guise of an association. Association wey many members don denounce tey tey but them no fit talk am out. Is this the kinda guild you want younger generation of actors and actresses to belong, where their voices will be lost in the wind?

With TAMPAN, you should be fighting for the growth of the industry to be at par with other major movie industries across the world with the amount of movies we churn out daily. Seek for huge funding from government and private sectors. Be a gatekeeper and brothers keeper to every member. Seek for collaboration with other industries. Have good health insurance packages for all members and be very distinct in meting out punishments to wanting members.

In conclusion, TAMPAN as an association should reorganise her house from falling apart and set things straight with her members. Bring everyone with different grievances together and settle discord amongst everyone who’s having one issue or the other. That way, the association will regain her credibility as that umbrella association for actors in the industry.

Yinka “Smylez” Ayinla is an Entertainment/Political Enthusiast, Content Creator, Convener Basketball meets Music.

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