TB Joshua’s Showers Of Rain Are Falling Prophecy Confirmation 

On Saturday, February 29, Prophet TB Joshua released a prophecy about incoming showers of rain in Nigeria.

He said; “Nigeria, get ready to receive a shower of rain that will wipe away the fear of the unknown! When it rains, make sure you allow it to touch your body. Take note: Some parts of the country may not witness the showers. Ask your family members and friends in those areas to help you get drops of the water.”

During the Sunday Service of March 1, reports flowed in from across Nigeria – and indeed around the world – about rain falling including the areas of Nigeria’s capital city Abuja; Warri, Delta State; Benin, Edo State; Ibadan, Ogun State and many more! When Prophet TB Joshua came out, he equally told the congregation: “The rain I am talking about – it will continue today and tomorrow. In the night, you will see what will happen.”

In confirmation of this prophecy, the first rain of 2020 fell in some areas of Lagos State last night and continued into the morning of Monday, March 2. The rainfall was welcomed with great joy by residents as they celebrated the first rain of the year in their areas – especially as this is not the usual time for the rain to fall! Thank You, Jesus Christ!

If you are in an area where rain falls, remember Prophet TB Joshua’s instruction to allow it to touch your body and collect some drops for friends and family members who do not live in the areas where it rained! Rejoice because these showers of rain are wiping away all fears of the unknown, eg – Coronavirus.

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