Telemundo: This Week On The Face Of Destiny And Under The Same Sky

For lovers of telemundo like myself, here are the teasers for Monday, February 8 to Friday, February 12.

The Face of destiny


Monday 8 February

Ezequiel reveals that he hid the evidence that proved Martin’s innocence and that Martin will never tell the name of the child murderer.

Tuesday 9 February

Mariana steals some letters addressed to Martin. Luciano threatens to send Diana to jail if Martin does not give up the shares in Ezequiel’s company.

Wednesday 10 February

Mariana tells Martin that she wants to be with him, and not Ezequiel. Hector tells Veronica that she must reveal Martin Mendez’s true identity.

Thursday 11 February

Mariana tells Ezequiel that she won’t marry him, and Ezequiel is furious and threatens her. Carolina begs Alex to tell her who the monster kid is.

Friday 12 February

Mariana gives up her trip with Martin to protect him from Ezequiel. Catherine refuses to talk to Laura, and then reveals some shocking news to Martin.

Premiere episodes of The Face of Destiny are on Telemundo Mondays to Fridays at 16h20.


Under The Same Sky


Monday, 8 February

Carlos has flash backs of the day he lost his son, when Luis joined a gang. Adela tries to protect her brother but gets into trouble.

Tuesday, 9 February

Carlos tells his son about his truck being stolen. Adela has the truck, and decides to sell it. Carlos and Luis head off in search of the truck.

Wednesday, 10 February

Carlos and Luis find Flag and Adela, and Adela tries to escape from them. Adela has something that Noemi wants, so Noemi hunts her down.

Thursday, 11 February

Noemi and Adela arrange to meet. Luis realises that Adela is trying to escape and follows her, but he is in danger when Noemi finds him.

Friday, 12 February

Noemi threatens Luis with a gun to stop him revealing anything to Jacob. She locks Luis in the boot of her car, will Adela be able to help him escape?

Premiere episodes of Under The Same Sky are on Telemundo Mondays to Fridays at 17h10.