Telemundo: This Week On The Face Of Destiny, Under The Same Sky And A Passion For Revenge

For lovers of telemundo like myself, here are the teasers for Monday, February 29 to Friday, March 4.


The Face of destiny


Monday 29 February

Natalia decides to help the police capture Martin. Martin calls Samaniego and asks to meet because he has information that will interest him.

Tuesday 1 March

Martin meets Samaniego and reveals that he knows who killed Antonia. Javier, who is a detective, sees Martin when he arrives at Alicia’s apartment.

Wednesday 2 March

Martin provokes a fight in jail. Luciano takes the threatening letter he received to Buenaventura and tells him that he blames Martin for it.

Thursday 3 March

Ezequiel finds out that Buenaventura knows Marcos is the child monster. Ezequiel informs Alicia that she is being watched by the police.

Friday 4 March

Valeria threatens Samaniego. Ezequiel wants to know what Alicia is plotting – he suspects that she had something to do with Mariana’s death.

Premiere episodes of The Face of Destiny are on Telemundo Mondays to Fridays at 16h20.


Under The Same Sky


Monday, 29 February

Adela and Jauna narrowly escape a raid set by immigration officers. Adela opens up to Jauna and tells her about her involvement with the gang.

Tuesday 1 March

Adela manages to sneak into the hospital, but Jay sees her. She wants to take her mother without anyone noticing. Laura asks Adela to forgive her.

Wednesday 2 March

El Fire threatens Adela, but she challenges him to find her. Juana makes a shocking discovery when he visits Laura’s house.

Thursday 3 March

Adela learns that her mother is seriously unwell. El Fire prepares for his parole hearing. Carlos warns Adela not to go to jail.

Friday 4 March

Laura tries to stop Carlos from seeing Adela. To stop them being together, she tells Carlos that because of Adela, Luis’ life was in serious danger.

Premiere episodes of Under The Same Sky are on Telemundo Mondays to Fridays at 17h10.


A passion for revenge


Monday, 29 February

Cayetana makes an announcement to the entire family – Leonardo will be in charge of the Del Junco Stables. Soledad tells Cayetana that she is leaving.

Tuesday, 1 March

Sofia has doubts about her marriage and confesses to Soledad that she is in love with another man. Irina kisses Samuel and Leonardo discovers them.

Wednesday, 2 March

Leonardo warns Samuel to be more careful, but tells him that he won’t make him leave the ranch. Emilio introduces his daughter Isadora to Leonardo.

Thursday, 3 March

Leonardo makes advances on Sofia. Arturo takes Samuel and Flavio to Alma’s grave to swear an oath to take revenge on Ignacio’s daughters.

Friday, 4 March

Arturo confronts Leonardo, he will not allow this abusive treatment of Sofia. Irina arrives at the rendezvous point and believes Samuel is with her.

Premiere episodes of The Face of Destiny are on Telemundo Mondays to Fridays at 18h00.