The Handmade Revolution: When Individuality Matters

People often hear of how a culture is born and slowly dies. Due to more and more opportunities for trade, the manufacturing of products has been maximized. There are very few people who can manufacture a product with the uniform accuracy of a machine.

Furthermore, machines don’t get tired, but humans do, and because of this need for trade, the industrial revolution was born.

However, the planet’s resources are dwindling on dangerously low levels. Sustainability is a problem. Businesses cannot retain the non-stop manufacturing of products. And perhaps as a comeback to decades of automation and uniformity, people are now looking at items such as handmade leather products. Such handmade items are generally of high quality and have designs that rarely go out of style.


High-Quality Materials

There are different types of leather. One such kind of leather is genuine leather. Compared to faux leather, the genuine type is said to be more durable. If treated, genuine leather is fire-resistant too. Also, this is meant to soften over time, while faux leather, made from plastic, will, at most times, become rigid.

Some genuine leather manufacturers are experts in their field. They know which accessories are appropriate in design and functionality with each type of leather. For example, some particular buttons and attachments are more suitable with a specific kind of leather.

Alternatively, the time spent on these genuine leather items one-at-a-time by these experts usually makes for the sturdiest products.



These items, made by hand, are one-of-a-kind. Some makers even offer services wherein you can customize the design. You can choose which material and accessory to use. What’s even better is you can also have a name or some significant words engraved in your bespoke product.

Since each human is unique from the other, you can expect, with absolute certainty, that your item will be different from others as well. Also, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you’re using something unique and handmade.

When you learn that a product is handmade, you will feel more satisfied because of the greater effort used to create the product. Psychologists such as George Newman and Paul Bloom have even coined this phenomenon as a “positive contagion.” This notion is when a person’s essence can be transferred to the product by contact. When a product is handmade, a belief of authenticity plus considerable effort is attributed to the product.

Most handmade leather products have minimalist designs. Some may relate minimalism to being basic. Leather is elegant in itself that most people do not seek the need to further the design. Also, there is comfort in familiar patterns. The most basic designs are the ones that are the most versatile.

Shapes that are streamlined are easier to partner with different kinds of clothing. The designs on your favourite satchel or tote bag have been in use for many years. For example, an elegant leather tote bag is usually brought to an office. However, your tote bag’s design won’t be far off if you combine this bag with a casual shirt and your favourite jeans.

Individuality is now being recognised more in today’s business theme and culture. One high-quality product made by hand may even take months to create. The sheer hard work, time, and expertise poured into making a handmade piece can transform it into something of unmatched value.