Throwback Photo Of John Njamah And Desmond Elliot

Actor and producer, John Njamah posted this throw back picture of himself and Desmond Elliot on Instagram. The two of them look really skinny indicating their early days of hustle as actors.

“Ok people have a good laff but hav it in mind that this was the beginning of the best of our hustle@desmondelliot and @johnnjamah on the set of nouveaux riche don’t ask me wat year b4 u begin to put one and one together. It was directed by my bro @aqnjamah. Desmond will kill me for this…@desmondelliot it’s all for the reminiscence bro.

If you ask me, this was the days of over-sized suits in Nollywood,lol. Laugh all you want.

John and Desmond