Tips For The Perfect Pout

Most times, women spend so much time in front of the mirror trying to achieve the perfect pout without success. However, there is nothing as good as spotting the flawless pout especially if you have to attend a special event, go on date or even hang out with girls.

So, to allow your lips do more than talking, try these easy makeup tricks to achieve the perfect pout and be noticeable.


Exfoliate: This is vital for removing dead cells and flaky skin. To do this, use a wet toothbrush or damp wash cloth to remove flaky skin.

Moisturise: Moisturise your lips with a balm to condition your lips.

Concealer: Use a concealer to even out the lines on your lips and seal in the moisture provided by the lip balm. This will prevent any lipstick or gloss from flaking or rubbing off during the day.

Outline: Use a lip pencil and outline the shape of your lips. However, select a colour that either blends well with your skin tone or is in subtle contrast to your lips.

Lipstick colour: Apply lipstick generously and blot off excess using tissue paper. A matte texture, especially if it is a dark or rich colour is suitable.

Gloss: You should dab some gloss at the middle of your top and bottom lip instead of applying it all over. Avoid gloss with too much glitter as you want your lips to grab attention, but not necessarily steal the spotlight.