Tired Of Being Single? Three Things You Need to Do Now

Are you tired of going on one date after another only to find that you are still single and tired of it? Many women and men make the mistake of looking for love first without preparing themselves – doing the inner work that is required to attract long lasting love and relationship.

If you are tired of the dating roller coaster, then it is time to try something new. You should start nurturing love inside of yourself and be happy first.

Here is a list of things to consider when looking for love.

Let go of the past and stop blaming others

Most times, it is difficult to let go of the past especially when you are seriously hurt. But, we actually hurt our chances of finding love by living in the past and often subconsciously blaming others. You may be subconsciously blaming a past partner for certain hurt, mistakes or outcomes of your life but this is common in the dating world. Also, one mistake people make is comparing their new date with an ex. The truth is everybody is unique in his/her way. So, there is actually no need to hook into a past version of someone you cared and loved so much that hurt you badly. Holding on to the past will actually keep us from finding true love and happiness. We hold ourselves in a pattern of wanting real love, but comparing it to something in our past makes it impossible to get.


No doubt, forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do but it is also one of the easiest ways to attract a soul mate into your life. Once you truly forgive and let go of your past, you will be free from past pains, hate and burdens. When we forgive it is not for the other person but for ourselves. It realizes the energetic strain that we put onto ourselves.


After letting go and forgiving who had ever hurt, trust me, you will feel lighter and happier. On your next date, just relax, smile and have fun. Smiling is one of the fastest ways to feel better. So, just keep smiling and be happy.