Top Beauty Searches On Google In 2020

Top Beauty Searches On Google In 2020




Have you thought about what the top beauty searches on Google are in 2020? As we all know, there are lots of topics to search for when it comes to beauty generally – trends, tricks, or even tips.

And due to the coronavirus pandemic which brought about lockdown across the world, many people especially women were not able to visit the salon or spa for months as people relied on Google for basic hair, makeup, manicure, and other DIY tips.

According to the top 10 trending beauty searches of the year, beauty didn’t disappear; it just changed – a lot. Many people relied on Google more than ever this year to help out with what would, during any other year, be considered basic beauty tasks, especially when it comes to hair.

So check out Google’s 2020 end of year beauty searches below:

  1. How to cut men’s hair at home
  2. How to plop hair
  3. How to color your hair at home
  4. How to wash your hands
  5. How to style curtain bangs
  6. How to cut women’s hair
  7. How to do knotless braids
  8. How to fade hair
  9. How to trim your own hair
  10. How to dermaplane



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