Trendy Onion Colour Styles For Every Fashionable Woman

In recent times, the aso-ebi colour at some weddings and special occasions is the trending onion colour also called pink onion or onion purple by some people. That’s because the colour can be likened to the pale pink flesh of an onion

Even though the colour started trending last year, it has simply refused to leave the fashion scene. This sweet and calm colour comes in plain as well as beautifully designed lace fabrics that are eye-catching.

The best part about this colour is that it is versatile and works on every skin tone. And there is a wide variety of shade to choose from like queen pink, pale chestnut, puce and pearly purple.

There are lots of gorgeous styles to make especially with the lace fabrics that will make you stand out at your next wedding or special event like jumpsuit, dress, long skirt and top, wrapper and blouse with stunning details and sleeves.

The plain colour is mainly used for bridesmaids dresses or lovely dresses for women who are not fans of lace.

Whether paired with a different shade of the same color or combined with another colour, the onion colour will definitely make you stand out. The choice is yours to make!

Check out some lovely styles made with this cool colour for every fashionable woman.


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