Unbelievable! My Sister, House Help Pregnant For My Husband

Dear Angie,

I have been pregnant thrice, but I usually have a miscarriage in the fourth month. When the third miscarriage happened, the doctor said it was due to stress so I needed to take things easy the next time I get pregnant.

Well, when I got pregnant the fourth time, I resigned from my stressful bank job and also suggested to Alex that we need a house help. Luckily, I got an industrious and efficient house help so I had nothing to worry about. Also, my mother was supposed to come to stay with us and take care of me, however, the plan changed when my brother’s wife gave birth. Therefore, she asked my elder sister to come to stay with me since she was still out of a job.

When my pregnancy was exactly four months old, I started bleeding and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Thank God, the doctor was able to stop the bleeding in time. He, however, suggested compulsory bed rest at the hospital until I give birth. Alex had no choice but to agree, consequently, I was confined to a room and bed.

My sister and house help took turns to cook and bring to me every day to help reduce the hospital expenses. They did everything they can to see me relaxed and happy. On his part, Alex never failed to visit every day, spend time with me and also make sure that I was comfortable and lacked nothing.

Five months later, I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and when I got home three days after delivery, my husband, sister and house help had already reorganized our room to accommodate the baby’s cot and other things. I was really excited as I thanked God for giving me such a loving and understanding husband and a caring sister.

About a month later, I saw my sister vomiting. When it persisted for about three days, I insisted that we go to the hospital. The doctor confirmed that my sister was eight weeks pregnant. I was quite shocked because she had never mentioned dating anyone. When I told Alex about the pregnancy, he looked more surprised than I was.

When I asked about who was responsible for the pregnancy and she was not forthcoming, I had no choice but to involve our mother and two older siblings since I am the last child. When we pressurized her, she pointed at Alex as the father of her unborn child. We were all speechless!

According to Alex, while I was at the hospital, my sister started making unwelcomed sexual advances at him but he never gave in until that fateful morning when she screamed for help. He rushed to her room not realizing that it was a plan to carry out her immoral desire. Since she was hiding behind the door, she immediately locked the door and put the key in her bra as she threatened that he would not go to work if he doesn’t satisfy her sexual needs. When all his pleas to open the door fell on deaf ears and he was running very late for work, he had to give in as he didn’t want to manhandle her. From that day, they started sleeping together and without protection.

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They both begged for my forgiveness. It was as if I was watching a Nollywood movie. We were all shocked and disappointed. I could not control my tears as my mother and siblings consoled and advised me to take it easy as I had just given birth. My brother reprimanded her for being a disgrace. He stated that if she was hungry for a man, she would have looked elsewhere and not her sister’s husband.

After their betrayal, I knew we could no longer live together under the same roof so my firstborn advised that I moved in with her because the matter was beginning to affect me physically and psychologically. She allowed my house to help come along with me to help out. Two weeks later, I noticed that she was always tired and vomiting in the morning. When I asked her what the matter was, she opened up that she was pregnant for my husband. She added that when she informed him about the pregnancy, he gave her money to have an abortion but she couldn’t because she was scared she may die in the process. I was even more broken!

Did I get married to a dog? I thought I knew my husband but obviously, I didn’t. What kind of sister will scatter her younger sister’s home by sleeping with her brother-in-law? What really was my offence? I had to spend five months on a hospital bed for the sake of my unborn baby and everything in my life changed for the worse. What do I call them – second and third wives, mistresses or future baby mamas? My baby is less than three months old; my sister is three months pregnant while the house help is 6 weeks pregnant for my husband. I pray I don’t slip into depression. Can I ever forgive them? I’m so broken! What should I do?

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