Video: 10 Facts About Toyin Abraham, Child Birth

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham recorded her whole delivery process as if she knew insinuations like this would come up.

Well, in response to allegations from Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin that Toyin gave birth at a traditional medicine facility in Nigeria and not the US as published by most blogs, Toyin’s PR handlers have released a video showing facts of her delivery and herself.

The first fact is that Toyin gave birth to her baby boy, Ire, at Vedic Lifecare Hospital in Lekki with many foreign doctors in attendance.

Also, Toyin isn’t poor as Lizzy insinuated.  She is wealthy and enjoys endorsement deals from multinational companies. These are aside from the successes recorded at the cinemas and fortunes the actress has acquired from her works as a movie star.

What else? Toyin bought her house in Ibadan in 2018.

The actress and her husband, Kola Ajeyemi currently live in Primewater Lekki, Lagos.

Watch the video to know more about mummy Ire.