VIDEO: SARS Disbandment, First Step To Police Reform – Buhari

VIDEO: SARS Disbandment, First Step To Police Reform – Buhari





President Muhammadu Buhari has finally addressed Nigerians on the issue of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in a video message on Monday,  October 12.

The President bowed to pressure after several Nigerians began an online and offline protest over the brutality of the Nigerian police, especially officers of the now-dissolved SARS against young Nigerians.

President Buhari in a video shared on Twitter promised that the disbandment of “SARS is only the first step in a commitment to extensive police reforms.” He also assured Nigerians that the death of the young Nigerian, Jimoh Isiaq, who was killed by the police in Ogbomoso, Oyo state on Saturday will be ‘thoroughly investigated.’

He said; “I will like to use this opportunity to say a word on the recent genuine concerns and agitations by Nigerians about the excessive use of force and in some cases extra-judicial killings and wrongful conduct of the men of the Nigerian Police Force.

”The disbanding of SARS is only the first step in our commitment to extensive police reforms in order to ensure that the primary duty of the police and other law enforcement agencies remains the protection of lives and livelihood of our people.

“We will also ensure that all those responsible for misconduct or wrongful acts are brought to justice.

“We deeply regret the loss of life of the young man in Oyo State during the recent demonstrations.

“I have directed that the circumstances of his death should be thoroughly investigated.

“Meanwhile, it is important to recognize that the vast majority of men and women of the police force are hardworking and diligent in performing their duties.

“The few bad eggs should not be allowed to tarnish the image and reputation of the force.”

Watch the video below.

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