Vital Things To Know Before Relaxing Your Hair

Many women walk into a salon and request for just any kind of relaxer to retouch their hair. While some have a specific relaxer that they use or have been using over the years.

Before choosing and buying a relaxer, it is important to know and understand the texture of your hair to enable you choose the proper relaxer strength for your hair.

According to Chijioke Anaele, General Manager, Recare Cosmetics, makers of Natures Gentle Touch haircare range, “It is important to note that understand the texture, porosity and overall condition of your hair before choosing a relaxer will help you in selecting the proper relaxer strength for your hair.”

He added that “When retouching your hair, it is advisable to choose a hair relaxer that is gentle on your hair and scalp. Relaxers may come in regular or super strength.”

Highlighting things you should know before you relax your hair, Anaele said, “Read product direction before use, do not use permanent hair colour two weeks before and after relaxing your hair and avoid scratching or irritating the scalp – scratching the scalp can lead to sores and scalp abrasions which may cause scalp burns and severe irritation while relaxing.”


While At The Saloon …

Many stylists apply relaxer to previously relaxed hair as well as the tip of the hair, which is a no-no. However, many women do not know about this because all they look forward to is their well-relaxed hair after spending hours at the saloon. Hence, Anaele stresses some things you should know while at the salon to relax your hair.

  • Don’t apply relaxer to previously relaxed hair. Relaxer should only be applied to new growth only in case of retouch
  • Ensure your stylist does a strand test. Ensure your stylist applies barrier cream to the hairline, the nape area, and any known sensitive area.
  • Ensure your stylist part your hair into four equal sections.
  • Ensure your stylist does not apply relaxer directly to the scalp.
  • Ensure your stylist sets the timer according to the recommended timing for your hair type.
  • Ensure your stylist rinse hair thoroughly until hair is free from all traces of relaxer, then shampoo with Natures Gentle Touch Silky Neutralizing Shampoo.


After Relaxing Hair

  • Shampoo and deep condition again 3-7 days after chemical application to help restore the hair to its optimal condition. Also, moisturize regularly to prevent dryness.
  • You should not fix or braid your hair for at least 2 weeks after chemical application. As your hair is still too fragile and cannot withstand tension caused by fixing or braids. Contrary to this may lead to hair breakage.

In summary, you should choose and use a relaxer that has the proper relaxer strength for your hair. Also, relaxers should only be applied to new growth only in the case of retouch.

And finally, if you are fond of braiding or fixing your hair immediately after retouching, you are doing a lot of damage to your hair. Allow your hair breath for at least two weeks and watch your hair grow healthy without breakage.


Photo: Natures Gentle Touch