Want A Beautiful Friendship? Become A Good Friend With These Tips

In life, the importance of having good friends cannot be overemphasized. True friends are always there for you – in good and bad times. You may have lots of friends, but how many of them can you point out as true friend(s) among them?

Here are some ingredients on how to become a good friend and also maintain a beautiful friendship.

Don’t envy your friends

True friends always look forward to the success and happiness of one another. They are never envious when their friends make headway in life. They harbour no bitterness and are not deceitful as well.

Never abuse your friendship

Indeed, a friend will help you out in times of need, because they want to. But you should never try to overuse this generosity and kindness, as you will cease to be a friend and start to become a nuisance. So, try not to abuse your friendship by trying to use it to get your own way.

Be sincere and honest

A true friend will never lie or deceive you. She will always give you a sincere and honest advice and opinion no matter how much it will hurt. To maintain a beautiful friendship, you have to be straightforward as well. Also, a friend will always be willing to lend a helping hand and they will always provide support, whenever they can.

Never betray a confidence

There should be complete trust among friends so that each one would be able to speak their mind freely.  A friend is someone you can go to, when you can’t go to anyone else. Remember, if you betray that trust, your friendship is destined to fail.

Avoid being too clingy

We all need our individual space, so you don’t need to be too clingy. Therefore, there is no need to get annoyed or jealous because your friend wants to be alone, is talking to someone else or decides to hang out with childhood friends or even colleagues. It is not compulsory to include a friend in absolutely everything that you do. Friendship should be a relaxed affair. When you become too clingy, it will get to a point your friend will start avoiding you!

Be grateful for your friendship

Never take friendship for granted, good friends are hard to come by. Make time to stay in touch with your friends; distance is no longer a barrier as there are so many ways to communicate and keep in touch today. Remember that a friend can walk out of your life as easily, as they walked in, so always be grateful for a good friend and be there when they need you.

Stay away from your friend’s boyfriend as well as exes

If you want a beautiful and long lasting friendship, you should not become buddies with your friend’s ex and definitely don’t date him. Even if she doesn’t complain about your closeness with her ex, it could cause a strain in your friendship. Also, never steal a friend’s boyfriend as this could be really disastrous.