Wedding Week: Important To-Dos Week Of Your Wedding

No matter all your contracts are signed and sealed, you still need to make sure whether the right thing is delivered to you or not. Similar is the case with few important things that one should do in the last week before the wedding.

These to-dos can keep the partners safe from many disasters. It is just like a week from when you will say ‘I do’ and no matter how you are ready,  there is still a checklist for these last seven days as well. You do not want to ruin your big day just because of minor and silly mistakes.

Over-communicate With Your Vendors

As you will have to keep all your vendors on the same page, therefore it is better to over-communicate with everyone. Call every vendor and re-confirm that whether everything is going as per plan.

  • Give final head count to the caterers in order to eliminate the last second shortage of food. Make sure you have calculated the other vendors like musicians or photographers as well, as you will have to serve food to them as well.
  • Provide the location manager all the list of items provided by other vendors like tables etc.
  • Inform site managers about when the items will be delivered and how-to setup
  • Call car rental companies as a reminder call for pickup locations and times

Designate Your Various Point People

As a bride or even as a groom, you will not be able to look after everything while you are in the parlor or sitting on the stage. Therefore, it is better to divide the chores among your family members and friends. Tell them about each and every minor detail. Also, designate a family member with the photographer and DJ. No matter how many meetings you had with both but still they will need constant help. Make sure that you introduce the designated persons to the vendors as well and let them know that if they need any help on the big day, then they can consult these individuals.

Take the Time to Pack Properly

The wedding is such an occasion where you should worry and think about what is inside your suitcase. Whether you are packing for an hour wedding or heading to honeymoon right after the event, make sure that you pay attention to it. Missing or leaving out any single element can create a vast number of problems for you. Therefore, if you will spend few extra minutes in packing can save you from many disasters.

Beauty Appointments

You may not have enough time to keep your cell phone 24/7 along with you or to call each and every person, but still few things are essential. One of those things is your beauty appointment. As if everything is perfect, but you are looking weird then it means your day is ruined. Call the beauty expert one more and reconfirm your appointment as well as the time when you will be there.


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