What It Felt Like Holding Bishop Crowther’s Consecration Bible – Pelu Awofeso

Pelu Awofeso has described what it felt like holding Bishop Crowther’s Consecration Bible. 

The award-winning journalist wrote,

“A fortnight ago, I was honoured to hold, leaf through and read from Bishop Crowther’s Bible, used for his consecration as Bishop at the Canterbury Cathedral nearly 160 years ago (June 1864).

I felt blessed and elevated by the experience. Moreso, I was shaken, overwhelmed and I shed some tears.

Since the Bishop Crowther Documentary Film Project was announced in September, I have had the honour of speaking with individuals who are as keen as me to see the story told:

Academics. Clerics. Journalists. Friends. Family

So far, I have been told of Bishop Crowther’s personal effects that exist in Lagos, Iseyin, Lokoja and elsewhere.

A mirror. A cross. A lamp. A storeful of clothes (The story of that is for another day).

I have also been told of 3-4 scripts (stage) already written on Bishop Crowther, one or two already performed in the past. And last May, I bought a copy of “Ajayi Crowther: The Triumphs and Travails of a Legend”, a play by Femi Osofisan, one of Nigeria’s foremost writers/playwrights.

But none of the excitements I felt at these developments could match what it felt to see, hold and read from the Bible (pictured) used for Bishop Crowther’s consecration as Bishop.

I was clearly overwhelmed and it showed in my body language. In addition to the Bible, I was also shown the ink pen he wrote his many letters and journals with, and the clock/compass that guided his travels across a large area of present-day Nigeria.

We are still crowd-sourcing funds for the project. All things being equal, we plan to kick off the first leg of the journeys in the second week of November. Help make this happen with a kind donation, however little.”

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